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New Home Construction with Royal Craft homes

Whether you’re looking for a family home that will last for generations, a vacation getaway or something to fit a special lot—you’ve come to the right place. Our team is one of the most experienced when it comes to building custom homes in Vancouver, and we handle everything that goes into building a home that will stand the test of time. Our talented team will guide you through the design, planning and construction phase of your custom home. We’ll help you figure out what you want from your ideas, turn those ideas into actionable blueprints and we’ll even push through all the necessary permits and paperwork. If you’re ready to start designing your custom home today, give our team a call. We’d love to start building your dream home with you.

A Home that’s All You

“Custom” means every decision is left to you, within city building ordinances, of course. We want your home to be something special, something that you can truly call your own, and we’ll help you every step of the way. Whether you’re working off a strong vision or just a few loose ideas, we can help you bring them together and turn your plans into a the perfect custom home in Vancouver.

A Team with Experience

We’ve been working in Vancouver for quite a while now, and in that time, we’ve helped different families build radically different homes, including both modern and classic-style homes built using a variety of different materials. Thanks to decades of experience, our team can pull off even your most creative visions for your home. Call today to find out how Vancouver General Contractors can help.

Take Advantage of Our Design Centre…

Our design centre makes it simple for you to get an idea for everything you want from your home. Take a trip to our design centre, and you can find, view and touch all sorts of samples for finishes that you might want in your home. You’ll be able to find everything from carpet and flooring samples to constructed cabinet models and fixtures. It gives you a chance to preview everything and know exactly how it will look in your home.

And See Your Home Before You Build!

Another feature we offer is 3D renders created by our professional designers. This is a great feature if you want to know how your home will look from all angles before we begin building. We can also use our renders to showcase what the inside of your home will look like. Your render will include all details and textures we can produce, and our program can mimic the look of most materials.

Home Design

Design Consulting By Royal Craft homes

The first step in creating your dream home is deciding upon the ideal floor plan. We can help you through this crucial beginning phase with our floor plan drafting services. Our experts know just what factors to consider when helping you decide upon the best floor plan. We will account for your budget, lifestyle, preferences, and the number of people living in your home, ensuring that you get a personally-tailored floor plan that meets all of your needs.

It starts with the layout of your space.

The key part of designing your own home is creating a custom floor plan. Rather than settling for the layouts of pre-built houses, constructing one based on your own floor plan gives your family the opportunity to have a fully personalized home. Our floor planning service allows you to realize the vision of your dream home through the skills of our professional contractors. Having drafted countless official floor plans, we have the expertise to help you develop one that is perfect for your needs.

Our extensive experience has given us crucial insights to the floor planning process, particularly, to the unique aspects that must be considered by every homeowner. We will guide you through each step, helping you determine key elements to be accounted for in your floor planning. These elements include, but are not limited to: your new home’s location, small children or household members with special needs, your family’s size, lifestyle, frequency of entertaining and accommodating guests, the size of furniture to be placed in each room, architectural features that may incur maintenance and energy costs, and your budget.

We make it easy.

Architectural expertise isn’t necessary to create an official floorplan. You can lay down your home design ideas in a professional format by enlisting our floor planning services. Our team is highly experienced with drafting and consulting for floor plans of all types. We will use our knowledge to help you develop industry standard floor plans that your construction crew can base their work upon without a problem.

Blueprints for the entire build.

In construction, there is no “winging it”. Your contractors will need a set of official plans to work from the entire time they are building your new home. These plans will help them develop the best strategies for their construction and ensure that your home turns out just as you envisioned it. Recruit our floor planning services, and you will be able to rest assured that your floor plans – and your home – come out perfectly.

Building a home is no small task, so it’s not unusual to feel a bit of hesitation before taking the plunge into construction. We can help you get over your cold feet by providing you a realistic preview of your home before a single nail is hammered. Our 3D renders allow you to get a complete visual of your home’s design and structure in a digital environment, giving you the opportunity to make sure no last-minute changes to the plans are necessary.

Visualize your project like never before.

Complimentary 3D Renders with every floor plan design for your project.

Touring model homes is a great way to get a preview of what your new home will look like once it’s built, but what if you’re basing your construction off a completely unique floor plan? Obtaining a preview of its structure and style is even more helpful in this case, but doing so physically is just not a possibility. That’s where our 3D rendering service comes in. Through our professional 3D renders, you will be able to see a realistic digital representation of your future home before you dive into construction.

See high-end 3D renders of your renovation based on your design ideas.

We provide 3D renders of all types. If you want a visual of your home’s outer architecture and street side impression, our exterior renders will present it in full detail. This option is perfect for developing your home’s outer style and planning for its smooth integration into your yard and the surrounding property. Landscaping, surface textures, materials, and other design elements all incorporated in both our exterior and interior renders. Our interior renders are great for exploring interior design concepts and fine tuning your custom floor plan. By recreating your home’s planned layout and accounting for elements like lighting and furniture, you can experience a virtual walkthrough of your home.

Photo-realistic rendering.

Questioning your current floor plan and designs? When you obtain a 3D rendering from us, you’ll be able to clear up your doubts quickly and easily. Our renders will give you a realistic view of your future home, just as it is currently planned. From there, you’ll be able to change things up to perfect your design. Our digital architects are standing by, ready to create a lifelike virtual rendering for you today.

For interior design in Vancouver, call in the experts at Vancouver General Contractors. Have you ever dreamed of having a home that perfectly matches your needs for function and style? With just a few affordable renovations, we can make your interior design look the way you’ve always dreamed and knew it could. If you’re building a new home, we can help you develop the perfect design before you start building. Our services are available for your whole house and every room within it. Talk to us about the gorgeous options that are available for your bathroom, kitchen, basement and other rooms. Finding out what we can do for you is as easy as calling to schedule a visit from one of our expert designers.

Interior Design Comes with Unlimited Options

Whatever you want from your interior design, you can trust that our team is able to handle it. Both our designers and our builders are extremely experienced, so you can trust them to both capture the essence of your vision and to make it come to lift in your home. There are almost unlimited ways to change and improve your home’s interior, including some of the popular requests, below.

Enjoy a Better Floorplan

A new floorplan is an effective way to completely change the look of your home’s interior. By changing the sizes and placement of rooms around your house, you can create options for yourself that never existed before. Creating a new floorplan may not even take as long or be as expensive as you might imagine. Our team can create attractive, practical and functional new floorplans for limited budgets and difficult home architecture.

Switch out Materials and Textures

You don’t have to completely remake your interior to remake the look. One of the most affordable ways to change your home design is to switch out the materials and textures. If you have carpet, maybe it’s time to consider hardwood? You can also try switching out wallpapers, tiles and other flooring for new colors, styles and shapes. We can show you how the various options will look before you build with our helpful 3D renders.

Make Large Appliances Match

When it comes to designs for bathrooms and kitchens, the large appliances and fixtures need to match for the right look to be possible. That’s not a problem for our team. We can help you find everything you need to pull off the perfect design for your home’s interior. You may find a lot of the examples you need at our well-stocked design centre.

Laneway Homes

Infill & Laneway Homes with Royal Craft Homes

Our team takes the difficulty out of planning, renovating and creating new living space in dense areas. Limited space in Vancouver has led to an explosion in demand for efficient housing, and we can help you meet that demand with a full set of services that take you from the first design drafts all the way to construction. Our team can assist you with any type of infill or laneway project in Vancouver, including urban infill, suburban infill, reclaiming commercial buildings for residential units or laneway homes.

Infill Homes

We bring value, beauty, and options to urban neighborhoods through the construction of infill homes. We can help you capitalize on the available space within urban centers and develop quality properties that offer value to the community. We manage the normal cost challenges of building infill homes through smart project management.

Our experience with infill home projects helps us understand exactly how to work within the unique limitations of this type of development. Our team has pioneered inventive solutions for constructing within confined spaces without disturbing surrounding structures. This is absolutely necessary in any infill project.

Through the development of infill homes, we help you bring new housing options that are consistent with modern goals. We help you create a space within a neighborhood that is more complete and compact, thus more walkable, bicycle-friendly, and generally sustainable. We apply skills in design to build beautiful infill homes that match in style with the surrounding buildings of their location.

Though infill homes are often built to offer residents affordable housing solutions, the cost of building can actually be quite high. Urban lots and infill development permits grow more and more expensive, leaving less to be spent on the homes themselves. Our crew solves this problem by creating cost-effective, adaptive construction techniques. Our affordable solutions make the creation of these highly in-demand homes easier

Laneway Homes

We provide affordable and space-saving solutions for densely populated regions through our laneway home construction services. These new Vancouver home types can present a variety of issues throughout the process of planning and construction. Our team is able to handle all of these hurdles with expertise, ensuring that the end result is a beautiful laneway home that is soundly built and smoothly integrated with the surrounding buildings and community.

In the past decade, laneway homes have become a popular new type of development within the Vancouver region. This is due to them being a great solution for areas with high population densities. As experienced contractors of laneway homes, we know just how to create top-of-the-line residences that have all of the luxuries and amenities of traditional housing. Whether it’s the construction of a single laneway property, or the development of many, our team can take it on.

Laneway homes provide new options for multi-dwelling zones, maximizing the utilization of land space while still keeping structures limited to single-family homes. This maintains a traditional neighborhood feeling and aesthetic, while providing modern solutions for more urbanizing areas. We can build upon the usual backyard lots, or other plots of land suitable for these types of structures. Because laneway homes are typically placed within small confines, it is important that building contractors know how to build in this environment.

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